SGW Friday September 26th, 9am-1pm Meaghan

Quiet morning. Impending fire alarm. A couple of visitors and some questions answered on FB. Dori was sick and Meaghan left at 11:20 to teach the meditation group.

No immediate pending task.

The Calendar will need to be posted at the end of the Day on Tuesday, so if the Monday shift can put that as am impending task that would be great.


LOY wednesday april 2, 9:00-1:00 – Stephanie

Hi guys,

loy was quiet, only one visitor asking about deferred exams. I worked on the task America gave me and checked facebook and email.

nothing pending


LOY Tesday April 1, 9:00 – 1:00 Stephanie & Prabhjot

Hi guys,

We had three visitors asking about refilling print card, chem tutoring, and just dropping in to discuss an upcoming midterm. I answered one email in the success account about deferred exams. Guillermo is bringing the calendar to hang in the office.

Pending task: remember to hang the calendar

Stephanie & Prabhjot